Beginner Dad

My wife? Meant to be a mother. She’d been like an older sister for the neighbors’ children, a gang of unruly kids a few years younger than her, then she’d been the best aunt in the world for her sister’s little girl. Everywhere she went, children flocked around her and, soon enough, she was surrounded by laughing kids, lost in their games and glowing with delight.

Me? An irresponsible, bohemian powder keg, impossibly impatient when I became angry, used to wandering carelessly through life, ready to starve for my passions at any given moment. I’d been an only child and I’d never learned how to share my toys with any semblance of grace, never mind take care of other people’s, and that’s not even taking into account the gaze nature gave me: with a single twitch of my eyebrows, I could freeze any little rascal’s joyful inclination right in its tracks.

Could we add up our natural dispositions, divide them by two and get an average? Would the average be enough? Now, looking back, I know that there was only one question worth asking myself: “Are you capable of love?”

That’s all you need in order to change those parts of you that aren’t up to par, and to learn everything a father should know.

“Are you capable of love?”
“With all my heart.”

You see, reader, that’s why this book is first of all a love story.

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Chameleon the Base

SciFi, action thriller

Two hundred captives in an impenetrable base. Nobel laureates, assassins, geniuses, diplomats and career military men going through constant tests and being eliminated at the first wrong step without a reason, without a purpose, without answers, without escape.

Kidnapping the most dangerous man in the world is nearly impossible, keeping him prisoner is a lot harder even for the Base…

A book filled with suspense and so intelligently built that every detail opens a new window towards the mysterious place which holds hostage the most valuable men on the planet.

The terrible mind games in the base will keep you on the edge of your seat, and the refinement of the web connecting the characters will take you from one individual to another, allowing you to see the terrible battle for survival through the eyes of each in turn.


An impressive labyrinth of illusions built by the author to seduce his readers and hold them in a state of permanent curiosity and alert, continuously fueled by the action’s breaks in pacing, Chameleon – The Base is a remarkable and genuine masterpiece of the genre it belongs to.

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draculațs kitchen


Dracula’s Kitchen

Half fantasy, half cook book (includes centuries old recipes), Dracula’s Kitchen tells the story of a young frenchman, dreaming to be masterchef,  thrown by the sea on the shores ruled by Vlad The Impaler (the Walachian king Dracula’s character was based on).

The joy of discovering amazing foods and traditions comes with a dark side: the cursed blood and the devilish ways of the Walachian legendary warriors.

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